Announcing EntraCP

September 22, 20231 minute

AzureCP becomes EntraCP, a new claims provider rebuilt from the ground up, with significant improvements.

Main improvements

  • A new, greater design.
  • The SharePoint solution type was changed to Application (instead of Web Front End), which makes administrative operations (install / update / delete) much easier and safer by design.
  • A single location to configure the proxy for all the SharePoint processes / servers in the farm.
  • Revisited NuGet dependencies, upgraded to their latest versions.

Overview of the changes

  • A new solution name: EntraCP.wsp
  • A new claims provider: EntraCP
  • No compatibility with AzureCP
  • The minimum SharePoint version required is 2016
  • The minimum .NET Framework required is 4.8
  • It no longer works on SharePoint 2013

Why those changes

Simply put, the weight of legacy: AzureCP had too many early design mistakes, that I could not fix without making breaking changes that created significant risks when updating it. So, I always privileged the most secure approach.

Nevertheless, a few months ago I decided to rewrite the code entirely, knowing it would have to be a completely new, renamed claims provider, with no compatibility with AzureCP.

In the middle of this work, Microsoft renamed Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID, which made a nice timing with my work, and a new, easy name to pick up.