This is the documentation for EntraCP.



  • Searches users and groups based on the people picker’s input.
  • Gets group membership of Entra ID users (augmentation).
  • Queries multiple Entra ID tenants in parallel.
  • Populates the metadata (e.g. email, display name) of the entities.
  • Easy to configure through PowerShell or administration pages.
  • No dependency on any SharePoint service application.


EntraCP is highly customizable to adapt to your requirements:

  • Securely connects to your Entra ID tenant using either a client secret or a client certificate.
  • Customizes the display of the results in the people picker.
  • Customizes the claim types and their mapping with Azure AD objects.
  • Enables/disables augmentation.
  • Enables/disables connection to your tenant, to keep EntraCP running with limited functionality if connectivity with your tenant is lost.